What is Futsal – the world’s official five-a-side football?
It’s FIFA’s official form of five-a-side football and has been played around the world for many years, but what is Futsal? What is Futsal? The name ‘Futsal’, which comes from the Spanish phrase ‘futbol sala’, basically means ‘indoor soccer’. As such, FIFA’s official small-sided, fast-paced and exciting form of... Read more
England’s first semi-final in 28 years? No it wasn’t!
England’s first semi-final in 28 years brought a nation together and once again made fans proud of their team. But while the majority of the country were left disappointed after the loss to Croatia when a Final against France was in their grasp, some people were keen to point... Read more
Reasons for optimism despite England’s missed opportunity against Croatia
Mario Mandzukic struck the decisive winner in Moscow to send England out of the World Cup and Croatia into the Final against France. Every Englishman will be proud of the performance of the England team this summer, they have been superb on and off the pitch, but this is... Read more
The Key Points of FIFA’s Futsal Laws of the Game
The FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game are open to adaptation and are regularly changing and developing. Here we look at some of the key points of the Laws, and you can delve deeper via the links below. Futsal is a five-a-side game, usually played on a flat indoor... Read more
FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game: The Pitch
Pitch surface Matches should be played on flat, smooth and non-abrasive surfaces, preferably made of wood or artificial material, according to the rules of the competition. Artificial turf pitches are permitted in exceptional cases and only for national competitions. Pitchmarkings The pitch must be rectangular and marked with lines.... Read more
FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game: The Ball
Qualities and measurements The ball is: spherical made of leather or other approved material of a circumference of not more than 64cm and not less than 62cm not more than 440g and not less than 400g in weight at the start of the match of a pressure equal to... Read more
FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game: The Players
Players A match is played by two teams, each consisting of not more than five players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. A match may not start if either team consists of fewer than three players. The match is abandoned if one of the teams has fewer than three... Read more
FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game: Players Equipment
Safety A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewellery). Basic equipment The basic compulsory equipment of a player comprises the following separate items: A jersey or shirt – if undergarments are worn, the colour of the... Read more
FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game: Match Officials
The authority of the referees Each match is controlled by two referees, the referee and the second referee, who have full authority to enforce the Futsal Laws of the Game in connection with the match to which they have been appointed. Powers and duties The referees: enforce the Futsal... Read more
FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game: Duration of Play
Periods of play The match lasts two equal periods of 20 minutes, unless otherwise mutually agreed between the referee and the two teams. Any agreement to alter the duration of the periods of play must be made before the start of play and must comply with the competition rules. Ending... Read more